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Prominent order members: The Military and Hospitaller order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem - OSLJ

In the course of the centuries there has been a big number of known people who were members of the order OSLJ. Members from the high-level nobility, cardinals of the Catholic church, generals, high politicians and people from the social life were under it. On behalf some known people from the present and the latest past should be performed at this point which members of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem are or were:

Albert Schweitzer
Dr. Albert Schweitzer, 1875-1965,
if a hospital founded in Lambaréné in Gabon

An easy green material cross on the breast of the black Habits or on the coat was since the beginning of the 12th century the order sign of the Lazarus knights. External sign of the Lazarus order is the green cross which has the form of the virtue (Maltheser-) of cross since the middle of the 16th century. His eight points want to remind us to want the eightfold misery of the world bekämpen: Illness and desolation, homelessness and hunger, coldness and guilt, indifference and unbelief. Under the motto "atavis et armis" (with forefathers and weapons) the knights of St. Lazarus are active since at least more than 900 years in the service of third.

Hermann Gmeiner
Prof. Dr. Hermann Gmeiner, 1919-1986,
Founder of the SOS children's villages

The Lazarian order cross has eight corners, just as eight blessnes from the holy bible. The members of the Lazarusorden always remember the words of Jesus Christ: "The arms are late in spirit; since the heavenly kingdom belongs to them. Those who cry are late; since they will be comforted. Blessedly which use no force; since they will inherit the country. Blessedly which starve and covet; since they will find compassion. Blessedly which have a pure heart; since they will look God. Blessedly which donate peace; since they will been called sons of God. Blessedly which suffer for the justice; since they will been called sons of God. You are late if you are insulted around because of me and are pursued and slandered in all possible manner; since you is the heavenly kingdom."

Juan Carlos I.
H.M. King Juan Carlos I. of Spain, 1938-
if is also Lazarus knight

The cross of the order of knights of the saint Lazarus also requests the order members that they give suitable values for own will to the invalid, show permanence in the peace and which comforts which need consolation. The Lazarus knights fight for right and justice. They live in spirit of the God's devotion, keep a pure heart and peace in the soul. She reminds the points of this order cross also of the bastions of a fortress which point in all directions. The fortress of the order people is her faith which protects them against all visible and invisible enemies. The order members remind eight points of the cross also of eight knightly virtues which are there: Faith, hope, love, mercy, bravery, justice, wisdom and placidness.

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