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The Radimovice manor was given to the Lazarus order
- in future could serve as an equipment "looked living for senior citizens"

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Rew interesting details in connection with the realisation of the donation:

  • whole time span: from the announcement of the donation in the 12/15/2007 up to for the transference of the owner's rights in the 6/16/2010 - or 2 years, 6 months and 1 day

  • duration of the realisation of the donation: from the first concrete steps in the 8/14/2009 up to the transference of the owner's rights in the 6/16/2010 - or 10 months and 2 days

  • involved lawyers: 4

  • applications for registration in the real estate land register: 3, of it 2 rejected

  • accredited signatures of the partners all together: 102

Details to the object of the donation:

  • The value of the donation: According to expert's certificate No. 3534 of Mr. engineer P.S. of the 6/25/2010 the value of the donation amounts to 2,351,770 Czech crowns or to about 92.763 euros.

  • Surface of the estate Radimovice: 29.692 square metres or about 40% of the surface of the place Radimovice.

  • Donation tax: For the enrolled material load (Right of use on lifetime) the married couple Krejcik z Radimovic in the 11/9/2010 paid a donation tax at the rate of 53.144 Czech crowns or about 2.169 euros with the responsible tax office Pilsen-north.

Document to the salary cross of the Grand Bailiwick,
for representation richer in detail please click

11/27/2010: After the Investitur of the Czech Grand Bailiwick in Ceske Budejovice (Budweis) a meeting of the Czech order members and the arrived guests took place in the ceremonious frame. With this opportunity became Mikulas Krejcik z Radimovic of the Grand bailiff, S.E. Chev. Prof. Dr. Ales Bluma, DSM, KCLJ lent the salary cross of the Grand Bailiwick. In the photo gallery 3 photos are illustrated in addition. The excellent has accepted this salary cross for himself also for his wife who was substantially coinvolved in the donation of the estate Radimovice, but their salaries have not been appreciated up to now, unfortunately, by the order.


H.E. the Grand bailiff of the Grand Bailiwick of the Czech Republic had explained in personal talks in the past several times that only after 8 years, so possibly about 2018 with the realisation of the equipment "looked living for senior citizens" can be begun. Before the order still has to realise other similar objects in Czech Republic. In the 11/27/2010 repeated S.E. of the Grand bailiff in Ceske Budejovice once again publicly that in Radimovice such a senior citizen's home or a Hospitz will originate.

Whether and when these intentions can be realised once, is still uncertain currently. Such a project requires of course the matching funds and these must be guaranteed first once. The estate Radimovice could become for many older people a place which could still allow many other nice years to them. Provided this is the will of God... then this will also happen indeed.

About the other progress in connection with the planned equipment looked living for senior citizens will be reported here again - as soon as new details become known.

07/19/2012: Even after membership is terminated in the Order for my wife and me (for details see main page), then the owner of the estate remains the Order respectively the Czech Bailiwick. The donation contract is legally valid. The Land Registry the Bailiwick is validly registered as the owner - as well as the easement there for my wife and me is validly registered.

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